Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran's Future

I have been reading the information on the web and what I can get on video regarding the state of the nation in Iran.

I hope the people stand tall. I hope they remain vigilant and prove the election is a sham and a fraud.

I think of the gal who I hired back at my other place of employment. I was a senior manager in a director level position. I was looking to hire a staff scientist for our process lab. One of the interviewers was a young gal with a strong background in chemical engineering. I hired her as she was the most experienced of all the potential candidates.

Over time, she became one of the crew, shooting the breeze and occasionally going out with the department for a couple of beers. She was a Muslim. I called her a Jack-Muslim for the fact that she reminded me of some of the Mormon guys I had partied with in high school. Some of the best beer drinking partying people were Mormon. I guess it was all the repenting or something. She liked to drink.

I took the department to a going away lunch for one of the employees who was going off on his own. At the lunch, the subject of Iran was brought up due to a reference on nuclear energy. The topic was a bit charged and some words exchanged, however, there was no real ire resulting from the conversation.

What was discussed after was what had happened to her relatives during the eighties. She had told us that seven of her sisters, cousins, aunts were executed. She did not go into details about other family members.

I left my company several years ago to follow my desire to start my own business. Eventually, as with all things, we lost contact.

I could tell that this young woman has some scarring from the world she experienced growing up in a nation controlled by theocrats. I know that she is watching this event live and most likely trying to communicate to relatives. I am sure she is concerned about her family remaining there and the future of Iran.

I have never met an Iranian person in the US who was rude or anti-American. Even when I have travelled, I have met one person from Iran. He was very cordial and diplomatic. It is the rulers and religious zealots who control this country and ruthlessly oppress the people.

I hope the people of Iran take back their country.

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