Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cull the Frogs

So I was performing my normal review of the sites I have been getting my daily dose of information from, as I no longer watch any of the big three news. As for cable, pretty much Fox, Headline News, sometimes CNN, rarely Bloomburg and bits of local are the information streams on debate, editorial, events, etc. I hardly stomach MSNBC except to remind myself how much I despise it and to know what companies' products I should not purchase, ever for their support through advertisement.

I like hitting Gatewaypundit. It covers a variety of topics. I like that. He will be very successful in his career as a news provider.

Anyway, I read this article regarding Krauthammers surgical dissection of Obama's Cairo speech. I watched it and had caught on a few of the items Krauthammer elaborated on. He is so cool. When I went to add my own comments, I went back and stumbled on this:

Either way, we should stop funding Isreal, enough support for them, if it weren't for us supporting them so much, we wouldn't have to deal with many of the terrorist attacks of today.
ZonRaalder | Homepage | 06.11.09 - 10:20 am | #

It really stirs my ire when I listen to this brainwashed, toilet drinking philosophy that "If we only get rid of Isreal, we would be free of this terrorism".

That philosophy is flawed, and these people need to get a clue fast. I am sure these are the psuedoeducated with art and drama degrees, or perhaps sociology or political science. Maybe they got degrees in government like that Gore guy who invented the Internet and solved world hunger before making an awesome movie that got him the GladHanded Award.

Isreal did not exist in the seventh century when Muhammad raped the Middle east with his Kult of Submission, (KOS), (may his rotting corpse in hell continued to be raped and sodomized by pig headed demons). The Great Satan, or USA wasn't even swimming in the balls of European Aristocracy or the peasants it ruled. Europe wasn't even a fledgling band of countries.

Isreal did not exist at the turn of the millennium, 1000 AD, when the Great Crusades went to the region to avenge the takeover of Jeruselum and desecration of the Holy Land by the Saracens, Turks, or more properly MUSLIMS, who had raped and pillaged the land. Read the Distant Mirror or the Dream and the Tomb. Wake up dilwad. Oh, the Great Satan was still not in the balls of Europe yet. These were just kingdoms separated by forests, trolls, dragons, and berserkers.

Hey, what about when the Moors were finally driven off the European Continent by the Spaniards in 1492? Hmmmmm, wait a minute you say as you whistle that little song we learned as children about some Italian guy who sailed the ocean blue, finding a faster route to India, oops, discovering the New World. At least before the Libtard radicals started suing the government because white men exist.

When the Great Satan was a fledgling country and the Muslim Caliphate that ruled the North African continent, AS WELL AS THE MIDDLE EAST, the Muslim pirates of the Tripolitate were raiding ships, kidnapping people, holding them for ransom (or Tribute), torturing these people, forcing them into slavery or into conversion, murdering them for sport, and demanding recognition. The quiche eating failures of Europe sat on their collective hands and shat gifts of treasure to these scoundrels, constantly. The Great Satan was just a little baby having left the womb to fight his very first battle. Aww, he is so cute at this young age. And pretty fucking tough. No, Israel did not exist yet. Islam was still whining about everyone having to submit to Allah and that the world must become Islam because these fucking suckers did it, so should everyone else. Morons.

And when the Axis came to be? Yep, you guessed it, no Israel then either. Nope, just a bunch of Jews being murdered by Hitler and his henchmen. Oh, and the Palestineans were supporting this as well. And most of them were Muslim as well. Muslim and Nazism: a match made in Hell.

Of course, the Great Satan was wrong for destroying this marriage of hatred and freeing everyone. Just as we were wrong for forcing these conquered nations to assimilate into Democratic nations. Bad Satan, bad, bad, bad.

Hmmm. So when did Israel come to be? 1948! And since then, the Muslims have gone on to try and conquer this FREE DEMOCRACY since then. And in that time, they have also killed thousands of innocent people. And they brought their stink to the USA and their minions of submission, their kafirs who teach our children about being cowards, bending over for this mindless cult, to hate the "man" are in rapid mode to deface this country.

So when I hear this cowardice, this weak, spineless attempt at possibly sounding smart, when in reality these people are total f**king retards, oops, I mean Libtards, I just want to ask them to get out of the US. Leave this country. Of course, they want me to leave, but I am one of the people who works and pay hugely on taxes. Typically, they do not.

It is time for all of us who pay the bulk in taxes to make the decisions. These people obviously cannot and neither can the politicians who got us here in the first place.

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