Saturday, July 4, 2009



Pronunciation: \ˈfrä-ˌjekt, -jikt
Function: noun
Etymology: Combination of the words fraudulent and project.
Date: 21st Century America
1: a specific plan or design to take taxpayer money and use it not towards the intended purpose: scheme or plot to trick or fool
2: a knowing intent to drain monies dedicated towards a project for personal use
3: a planned undertaking: as a: a definitely formulated plot to fool the masses through inane scams and false data b: a blatantly large, usually government-supported and politically driven, undertaking that leads to insufficient outcomes c: a hyped up problem engaged in usually by a group of activists and/or Hollywood stooges to brainwash political forces into committing large sums of monies chasing windmills
4: a process where politicians trick the public into thinking that something catastrophic is happening and the only way to save them is to divert large sums of money towards projects that these politicians own stock in
synonyms see: Lies

Friday, July 3, 2009


Yes, the economy sucks.

Yes, the Democrats are finding new and more efficient ways to vote in their oligarchy as a means to control all of us, or somehow start a civil war that leaves them all dead or something.

I have been just too damn busy to complete a draft of anything I have written. In an environment where cash is king and the only way to earn it is to be or build the better mouse trap, I have pretty much been canvassing all the companies out there to peddle my wares.

My wares. I peddle capital equipment, engineering services, and products used to make the stuff we need on a daily basis. This is my business, my expertise. Funny, about three months ago I had about three customers left, the others had gone out of business or laid everyone off. Then, I took on a business line from a couple of colleagues who needed steady paychecks. You see, selling/shlepping/pounding the pavement requires a certain dedication. These guys easily could do it, and probably would when the economy gets better...somehow. It is straight commision. For those who may not understand: you get nothing unless you sell something. I now have access to many other industries that I never had previously. Diversification: That is was it is ALL about.

RULE 1: Never let your business cater to ONE customer or ONE industry, EVER. Always be as diversified as possible. That is your main goal.

I never was a great salesman, but over the years I learned how to sell myself through proxies-other products that made my company and the stuff I sell seem worthwhile.

Now, I see some upticks. Mostly because I have taken on so many new ares of opportunity.

But that is what it is all about: entrepreneuralism, independance, growth.

I am not about to let a bunch of floppy dongs take that away from me.

And, as I grow in business, I will hire more people and teach them the RULES.

So, I have added my lovely wife, Disco Hellion, to this blog. She will add some additional thoughts and some of her art.