Saturday, July 4, 2009



Pronunciation: \ˈfrä-ˌjekt, -jikt
Function: noun
Etymology: Combination of the words fraudulent and project.
Date: 21st Century America
1: a specific plan or design to take taxpayer money and use it not towards the intended purpose: scheme or plot to trick or fool
2: a knowing intent to drain monies dedicated towards a project for personal use
3: a planned undertaking: as a: a definitely formulated plot to fool the masses through inane scams and false data b: a blatantly large, usually government-supported and politically driven, undertaking that leads to insufficient outcomes c: a hyped up problem engaged in usually by a group of activists and/or Hollywood stooges to brainwash political forces into committing large sums of monies chasing windmills
4: a process where politicians trick the public into thinking that something catastrophic is happening and the only way to save them is to divert large sums of money towards projects that these politicians own stock in
synonyms see: Lies

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