Saturday, June 20, 2009

Senator Babs Boxer

Yes, ma'am, Senator Honey Baby, sir.


How much longer will this genital scab remain in her seat, assisting the other frauds that are draining our coffers dry?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran's Future

I have been reading the information on the web and what I can get on video regarding the state of the nation in Iran.

I hope the people stand tall. I hope they remain vigilant and prove the election is a sham and a fraud.

I think of the gal who I hired back at my other place of employment. I was a senior manager in a director level position. I was looking to hire a staff scientist for our process lab. One of the interviewers was a young gal with a strong background in chemical engineering. I hired her as she was the most experienced of all the potential candidates.

Over time, she became one of the crew, shooting the breeze and occasionally going out with the department for a couple of beers. She was a Muslim. I called her a Jack-Muslim for the fact that she reminded me of some of the Mormon guys I had partied with in high school. Some of the best beer drinking partying people were Mormon. I guess it was all the repenting or something. She liked to drink.

I took the department to a going away lunch for one of the employees who was going off on his own. At the lunch, the subject of Iran was brought up due to a reference on nuclear energy. The topic was a bit charged and some words exchanged, however, there was no real ire resulting from the conversation.

What was discussed after was what had happened to her relatives during the eighties. She had told us that seven of her sisters, cousins, aunts were executed. She did not go into details about other family members.

I left my company several years ago to follow my desire to start my own business. Eventually, as with all things, we lost contact.

I could tell that this young woman has some scarring from the world she experienced growing up in a nation controlled by theocrats. I know that she is watching this event live and most likely trying to communicate to relatives. I am sure she is concerned about her family remaining there and the future of Iran.

I have never met an Iranian person in the US who was rude or anti-American. Even when I have travelled, I have met one person from Iran. He was very cordial and diplomatic. It is the rulers and religious zealots who control this country and ruthlessly oppress the people.

I hope the people of Iran take back their country.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Way Too Cool!

Like legos?

I did and still do.

I have made my kids addicted to legos and am not one bit guilty. It allows me to play with them, encouraging them to think out of the ordinary. Imagination at its best.

Well, this is even better. I think lego has outdone themselves this time.

Here it is.

Update 06.15.2009:

Here is a recent photo of a kid's idea of a city:

Definition: Atom Bombed

A couple of shockers in my family made me reflect back on an issue that effected me and my wife with her family. I am not going to go into the details of the issue, but it makes me think about the whole forgivness thing. Sometimes there are actions we do to one another that seriously cause emotional scarring, damaged relations, or outright outrage. Of course, over time we find ways to forgive and move on.

Some actions, though, are pretty deep. These can be the type that seriously ruin the bond between family members, spouses, and friends forever. These are the kind of actions that even though the wounds have healed, the memory is still there. Such an amaing thing memories are; the four-dimensional representation of an event are permanently captured, locked up in the storage centers of our mind. What is even more amazing is, depending on the intesity of the event, the feelings still remain in tact as well.

I guess that is why some people never want to redress a topic, remember an event, or move on with their lives. Some people continually reflect to try and find out the why instead of the how. The how is usually the easiest of solving. It can be accomplished by standard deductive reasoning. The why is not so easy. It is typically related to human behaviour and that is about as complex as they get. No one can read another's mind to deduce why and event took place. There are too many possible outtakes on the event horizon of life. People tend to do what they see fit.

Regardless, these people have been atom bombed by another. No matter how far down the road of time you go, these people will still remain jaded, remembering the event as if it were yesterday.

I use this term as in Japan, they were atom bombed in WWII. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been repaired and are thriving. I know, I have been to both on business. Yet the wounds to the people are still deep and have passed onward to new generations. I know this well as I was stuck in Tokyo on the 6th and 9th of August in 2004, during a typhoon. The people still marched and protested in the streets after all those decades past.

That is why I use the term "atom bombed" to describe some events that have just devastated people's lives.

I can understand why they are the way they are. It is almost irreversible.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cull the Frogs

So I was performing my normal review of the sites I have been getting my daily dose of information from, as I no longer watch any of the big three news. As for cable, pretty much Fox, Headline News, sometimes CNN, rarely Bloomburg and bits of local are the information streams on debate, editorial, events, etc. I hardly stomach MSNBC except to remind myself how much I despise it and to know what companies' products I should not purchase, ever for their support through advertisement.

I like hitting Gatewaypundit. It covers a variety of topics. I like that. He will be very successful in his career as a news provider.

Anyway, I read this article regarding Krauthammers surgical dissection of Obama's Cairo speech. I watched it and had caught on a few of the items Krauthammer elaborated on. He is so cool. When I went to add my own comments, I went back and stumbled on this:

Either way, we should stop funding Isreal, enough support for them, if it weren't for us supporting them so much, we wouldn't have to deal with many of the terrorist attacks of today.
ZonRaalder | Homepage | 06.11.09 - 10:20 am | #

It really stirs my ire when I listen to this brainwashed, toilet drinking philosophy that "If we only get rid of Isreal, we would be free of this terrorism".

That philosophy is flawed, and these people need to get a clue fast. I am sure these are the psuedoeducated with art and drama degrees, or perhaps sociology or political science. Maybe they got degrees in government like that Gore guy who invented the Internet and solved world hunger before making an awesome movie that got him the GladHanded Award.

Isreal did not exist in the seventh century when Muhammad raped the Middle east with his Kult of Submission, (KOS), (may his rotting corpse in hell continued to be raped and sodomized by pig headed demons). The Great Satan, or USA wasn't even swimming in the balls of European Aristocracy or the peasants it ruled. Europe wasn't even a fledgling band of countries.

Isreal did not exist at the turn of the millennium, 1000 AD, when the Great Crusades went to the region to avenge the takeover of Jeruselum and desecration of the Holy Land by the Saracens, Turks, or more properly MUSLIMS, who had raped and pillaged the land. Read the Distant Mirror or the Dream and the Tomb. Wake up dilwad. Oh, the Great Satan was still not in the balls of Europe yet. These were just kingdoms separated by forests, trolls, dragons, and berserkers.

Hey, what about when the Moors were finally driven off the European Continent by the Spaniards in 1492? Hmmmmm, wait a minute you say as you whistle that little song we learned as children about some Italian guy who sailed the ocean blue, finding a faster route to India, oops, discovering the New World. At least before the Libtard radicals started suing the government because white men exist.

When the Great Satan was a fledgling country and the Muslim Caliphate that ruled the North African continent, AS WELL AS THE MIDDLE EAST, the Muslim pirates of the Tripolitate were raiding ships, kidnapping people, holding them for ransom (or Tribute), torturing these people, forcing them into slavery or into conversion, murdering them for sport, and demanding recognition. The quiche eating failures of Europe sat on their collective hands and shat gifts of treasure to these scoundrels, constantly. The Great Satan was just a little baby having left the womb to fight his very first battle. Aww, he is so cute at this young age. And pretty fucking tough. No, Israel did not exist yet. Islam was still whining about everyone having to submit to Allah and that the world must become Islam because these fucking suckers did it, so should everyone else. Morons.

And when the Axis came to be? Yep, you guessed it, no Israel then either. Nope, just a bunch of Jews being murdered by Hitler and his henchmen. Oh, and the Palestineans were supporting this as well. And most of them were Muslim as well. Muslim and Nazism: a match made in Hell.

Of course, the Great Satan was wrong for destroying this marriage of hatred and freeing everyone. Just as we were wrong for forcing these conquered nations to assimilate into Democratic nations. Bad Satan, bad, bad, bad.

Hmmm. So when did Israel come to be? 1948! And since then, the Muslims have gone on to try and conquer this FREE DEMOCRACY since then. And in that time, they have also killed thousands of innocent people. And they brought their stink to the USA and their minions of submission, their kafirs who teach our children about being cowards, bending over for this mindless cult, to hate the "man" are in rapid mode to deface this country.

So when I hear this cowardice, this weak, spineless attempt at possibly sounding smart, when in reality these people are total f**king retards, oops, I mean Libtards, I just want to ask them to get out of the US. Leave this country. Of course, they want me to leave, but I am one of the people who works and pay hugely on taxes. Typically, they do not.

It is time for all of us who pay the bulk in taxes to make the decisions. These people obviously cannot and neither can the politicians who got us here in the first place.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Health Scare

I read this from Keith Hennessey's website on The Kennedy-Dodd bill.

One of the items that caught my eye, and I have read a little about this up to now, is that of item two stating that employers will have to get insurance for their employees.

This whole mandating thing is starting to become a serious pain in the a$$. In both of my prior employment stints at other companies, healthcare was available after a short period of time, as the employer wanted to make sure I was someone they wanted as an employee as well as me wanting to work there as well. This usually was a 30-60-90 day evaluation. If you did not make it, you were let go and no time was wasted with some administrative assistant filling out paperwork to send to the insurance company, where again, some administrative person was shuffling papers. Cost savings at its finest: don't spend money when you do not have to.

At both places I worked for a period of time. The first job was an aerospace foundry for two years. I left that for the second job at a chemical engineering systems and services company, for which I remained employed, and eventually ran the group, before leaving for my own gig after ten years of great experience.

My business has two employees. I own and operate what is known as a small business. It is fun and challenging, especially in today's market and economy. I would not sacrifice it for anything else and highly recommend everyone take a stab at it.

If I have to provide healthcare to these two individuals, one of two things will happen:

1. I will have to lower their salaries to accommodate for their health care. We tend to budget a certain amount of worth to an employee. This is compensation for their time and expertise. I hire great people who are experienced, practical, somewhat autonomous, yet follow a discipline of communicating and updating responsibly. And, by the will of those who have never ran their own business ever, I am now going to be forced to provide healthcare. In order for me to manage my P&L, I will need to keep expenses at constant or reduce where applicable. Surely I do not want to reduce their salary, but if I am now providing additional compensation resulting from this retarded philosophy by Congress, something will have to give, right? Well, what do you think will give? Of course these brilliant men and women (and ?) have no idea what managing money or pretty much anything else requires, especially if it is a fixed amount.
2. If I cannot lower their salaries, due to some other quirk in this ridiculous plan, I will obviously cut one or both. Not that I want to, but if I, a small business owner have to provide insurance without sacrificing salary or other compensation, I will sacrifice the staff as required to keep my P&L in the black. Now these employees could also create their own businesses and contract to me, via quotes and invoices and nothing would be different. In fact, they may find other work and customers than little old me and do very well. If everyone were their own employer, things would be a hell of a lot different, but great institutions like AIG and GM need a lot of people to run it into the ground. Especially when there are government influences on these businesses.

Of course, I am not the only one thinking this. Many other small businesses who do not have insurance for their employees are stating the same thing to me. We all would like to provide our employees with insurance, but when you ask your employee what they would rather have, especially when they look at the numbers, they would rather have some flat compensation and find insurance on their spouses plan or take another route.

Seriously, health coverage was a carrot that many employers used to attract people to work for them. I was not attracted to health care coverage and never pursued a job because of it. Why? Because at both jobs prior to owning my own business, the health care plans and providers CHANGED. Usually every two years. Let this not be seen as a problem, this is capitalism. Each plan change was done for reasons of cost and value. It was always the will of the company to avoid incurring major upsets in the employees, such as changes in doctors, dentists, specialists, pharmacies, etc. These new providers were SELLING their wares to my employers.

Both employers also paid a portion of my coverage, just as I paid a portion of it as well. Why do I want to have someone else pick my insurance provider and pay for it with my own compensation? Does anyone like this idea? I never did and now that I have my own business, I have the freedom to “pick and choose” as I want to. This is the way it should be, however, because a lot of people have had a bad experience, or the marketing of insurance as a “bad” thing today, too costly for the average American worker, we seem to have this identification of yet another sector of the free market come under the scrutiny of those who have never done anything on there own make the decisions for the rest of us (read: Congress).

Now I do not have a problem if a company wants to provide insurance to their employees, but I would rather find a plan on my own that provides the kind of coverage that my family and I need with respect to specific areas.

My insurance has worked well for me. It is expensive and could probably go down a bit, but it has done me good. When I ripped open a finger from a drill bit and needed stitches, I spent few minutes in the emergency room waiting area. The ER head doctor himself sewed stitches as we chatted about owning your own business. The same with my regular doctor. I truly think that paying my own way does get some respect from those who want to keep your business and your health in their best interest.

Those are my thoughts on this item.

Next gripe about this bloated soon to be smoldering Democrat fiasco is with number four.

Keith Hennessey's article was listed in

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garden Haul: DDay 2009

Some of today's picks from the garden.

I highly recommend everyone create their own garden. We have had a killing on garlic, onions, squash (eight types), tomatoes, tomotillos, carrots, cucumbers, sweet white corn, and chiles/peppers. We have a few zones that total up to about 750 square feet. I give three to four plastic grocery bags of squash alone to friends, family, etc.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Label: How Things Are Made...Poorly

Ever went and purchased an item, only to find out it is the biggest piece of $h!t (P.O.S.)? How about a large ticket item? Something like a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, Car? Most of the failed products we never really notice because we pay $5-20 for the items and when they fail, we really do not perform our own Failure Analysis arriving at the causes from a quality, material, manufacturing aspect.

Well, this topic will allow you, the informed reader to see the products I think are complete crap and the companies, whose products and/or services I will no longer procure on a forever basis. Why? I think that a good product from a proud manufacturer deserves much recognition (those will be recommended highly on this site as well). I want them to stay in business. I want to recommend them to my friends and family.

Think a pro-union shop does high quality? Ha! Look at the auto industry. Unions do not care about the company they work for, or the product they make. They only care about the rate of pay, benefits for hardly working, smoke breaks, and when to strike for more $$$. There is no loyalty in these people. How could cars be made so well when the union pukes have the same opportunity to get equal pay for not working through a job bank?

How about all that off-shore outsourcing? Now there are times and reasons that it makes both good sense and that eventually it must happen to allow a nation to move to the next big wave, but look at what happened. China and India are booming economies as the result of American and some European (and Japanese) companies moving shop to the new, virtually endless population of poverty stricken people who will do anything for a small squaller of pay. But what do you get? You get a product made by someone who has no f-ing idea what they are making and/or why someone would want to own this (let alone the cost of this thing). Imagine you have never seen a dishwasher, yet you get a job where you are putting one piece on each of these "things" that roll by you on an endless conveyor belt that never ends. When you find out it is a "thing" that washes many "dishes" and "utensils" you would probably think to yourself "why would anyone have so many of these dishes...and WTF is a dish anyways". No pride. Just a meager amount of money for being on the human conveyor system.

How about "value engineering"? This is where we maximize profit by minimizing material parameters, material types, operational ranges, etc. When you replace a stainless steel washtub in a washing machine to a plastic tub, you are going to have a significant change to the lifetime of the product right off the bat. When you impart plastics into the body of an automobile, the same is true, but somehow amplified in a shorter time. You can only cut so much from a product before it begins to spiral down the hole. There are many products, whose function and purpose really have not changed much since the inception. Look at photovoltaics or the battery. When you begin carving away at your success to make more money, you expose your entire existence as a reputable firm. You begin to set yourself up for failure.

I am a physicist by education, an engineer by trade, and a technologist by profession, if any of this means anything. I see my job to do everything humanly possible to impart as much technology as possible to obsolete specific work functions that humans perform on a daily basis. That is how we transform our society, growing and building new cities, expanding our ideas, procreating and passing these ideals onto our children, and so on.

I was part of a company that built complex machines for handling a diverse amount of material, some hazardous and some a challenge to move from point A to point B. All of these "systems" were automated to provide specific operations that were in sync with the demands from other manufacturing systems within a giant manufacturing plant that made computer ships. Our product only consisted of the best materials and components on the market at that time. The designs were such that new technologies could be employed in the future, when new items were available. Our product was typically more expensive than many of our competitors, however, our products are still churning away in many of the facilities today. Some over 12 years and still pumping. That is something I am proud of.

My advice to anyone who is interested in building something:
1. Detail of design. Think it out accordingly.
2. Build it better than anyone else. Use quality materials and people to build it.
3. Build it so you never have to get another one. Why dwell in the spares world.
4. Make it last forever. Move to the next big idea.

There is a company that builds a pump that is the best pump ever. This pump is superior to other pumps. It can handle many aggressive environments that most pumps simply cannot. It can be controlled remotely. It does not even have spare parts. Now this pump does have limitations in its operational envelope. And this pump does have a higher price than other pumps, but it outlasts all other pumps. Usually by a factor of three, from my own experience. That is a product that Seriously Kicks A$$ (SKA).

I wish I could say that of the products and services of the companies I will brand POS from this point forward.

At any time, feel free to offer your own problematic Pains In The A$$ (PITA).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hef's Dismal Mag

Playboy release a pretty pathetic attempt at funny yesterday. It completely failed as it was interpreted by all the sane people for what it was:

a sincere desire for justifying rape of people you do not like because:

1. They are women
2. They are conservative
3. They are usually right on the mark

This guy Guy is a loser.

I commented on it yesterday, right after I read the link from Hot Air. I went to add a comment and then I printed the document thinking my comment would be pulled immediately. I used my older name of JDubya since I am new to this blog thing and am slowly converting my accounts with others to it.

Here is the post in jpeg form: