Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is the Purpose of this Blog?

Well, I have been reading a lot of the stuff out there. There is a lot of good, a lot of bad, a lot of good that I did not agree with, and a lot of bad I could not resist to agree with.
This really is both 1st and 2nd Amendment at its finest. Here we are, printing our own thoughts on the electronic press of the internet. I think it is great that venues like Google and others provide a free access for anyone to publish their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
My purpose? Well my wife and I decided to begin adding our own two cents (thank God not scents, huh?). We are pretty talented both in prose and in drawing and we will make our own contributions to the internet, just like everyone else.
Throughout this communique, we will also generate our own lexicon of words that describe our feelings of particular topics.
Our aim is merely to entertain. If you cannot laugh once a day, your day is not done. We both know that our thoughts are not shared by all. In fact, anyone who comes across this post, if ever, may think that we are mentally retarded and live in a cave somewhere. Well that may be true, but so what.
Things will change in this blog such as text, colors, etc. That will be the wife's added touch.

Definition: environMENTALism

Pretty straight forward. An "-ism" that is part of the brianwashing programs of the corrupt left agenda. Usually a male or female with limited scientific or engineering knowledge in the age range of 20-ish to 40-ish. These individuals are extremely gullible, swallowing loose facts and outright unproven claims in single gulps. These individuals typically do not read anything with three or more syllables in the base text.

This leads to environMENTALists, who dress in grunge wear and smell of various Greatful Dead colognes and colonics.